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finery. Women's Body Mist - The New Rouge - 5 fl oz

finery. Women's Body Mist - The New Rouge - 5 fl oz

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  • .Fine'ry = Fine + Perfumery. .Crafted to last Target Clean .Vegan & Cruelty Free .Free from parabens & phthalates

Rouge means red, but sapphire blue means abundance – and you deserve more. Lose yourself in a dream of opulence and extravagance that turns a lavish fantasy into reality. For the best scent experience, spritz body mist directly on warm, damp skin. About Fine’ry: Wearing a fragrance can make you feel intense emotions and take you on a myriad of journeys. In just seconds, you can become whatever your mind desires; travel into the most beautiful and surreal experiences, embody a new character for a brief time and transform again and again. We believe fine fragrance is a luxury and a pleasure everyone should have access to. We want to open the world of artisanal fragrances. We want to redefine luxury perfume. Discover the world of Fine’ry, a brand founded and rooted in the craft of fine perfumery. We take inspiration from the legendary fragrances that have shaped the history of perfume, to craft unique scent experiences, and make them accessible to all. Our ingredients are fine. Our perfumes are crafted with the highest-quality ingredients to be long-lasting. We are proudly CLEAN, VEGAN and CRUELTY FREE. Our perfumes are fine. Created in collaboration with renowned master perfumers to design legendary and sophisticated signature scents. Our designs are fine. Elegant yet minimal, our collection is beautifully crafted to be luxurious from the inside out.

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